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Chaumet Simone
* 1916? (France)
  1943-1945 Active in the groups Amitiés Chrétienne
and Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants
  1945-1950 Volunteer with SCI France
  1951-1956 Volunteer with SCI Algeria
  1957-1961 Set up education centre in Bouzaréah
+ 25.05.1962 Bouzaréah (Algeria)

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Les enfants cachés du Fanget 1943-1944, Archi'classe No 42 (Septembre 2020)

by  Archives04, Conseil départemental des Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

voir version française 


Simone Tanner-Chaumet

Commemoration of Simone Chaumet

by Philipp Rodriguez (Jun 20, 2005)

Today, there was a request for details about the life of Simone Chaumet. There's is a chance that she will be commemorated in Israel as she saved the life jewish children during WWII in France. Recently a commemorative plaque was installed on the Col du Fanget.


Simone Chaumet in Algeria 1950s

Simone Chaumet in Algeria 1950s

In SCI we know that she died during Algerian Civil war in 1962. But her family nor her date and place of birth are known. Still the archives are not accessible, where I could find maybe some more details. Maybe some veterans of SCI France can help in between.


Simone Chaumet - commemoration on Col du Fanget (2005)

Commemoration Simone Chaumet on the Col du Fanget May 2005

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