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Posted by Maria Ojuel on Jan 21, 2024

The French historian Christian Maillebouis, who is dedicated on the history of French protestantism and local history of the village Le Chambon-sur-Lignon published recently a short documentary about Swiss help for refugee children.

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Posted by Heinz Gabathuler on Nov 24, 2023

On 20 November 2023, Theodor (Thedy) von Fellenberg has died, at the age of 88.



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Posted by Heinz Gabathuler on Aug 24, 2022

In August, a "Wikipedia for Peace" workcamp has taken place on Mont-Soleil in Switzerland. The participants from seven countries have been editing articles to Wikipedia about journalists and organisation advocating for freedom of speech.

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Posted by Claudia Strambini, Heinz Gabathuler on Jan 18, 2022

On behalf of SCI India I am sending you very sad news. Our friend and activist Chandru Raghavan passed away last night 17 January 2022, at his home in Bangalore.



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Posted by Philipp Rodriguez on Dec 23, 2021

sci-virtual-museumIn the frame of of the 100th anniversary of SCI, SCI Archives made the selection of objects and wrote the corresponding texts for Virtual Museum – an online gallery in which physical objects, mainly from the Archives, are displayed.

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Posted by Heinz Gabathluer on Apr 2, 2021

Esnes 1920

The sixth and last report on behalf of the “International Service Group” dates April 15th, 1921, and has been signed by Pierre Ceresole.

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Posted by Heinz Gabathluer on Feb 26, 2021

Esnes 1920

Hubert Parris, one of the leaders of the project alongside with Pierre Ceresole, wrote the fifth report on March 13th.



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Posted by Heinz Gabathluer on Jan 29, 2021

Esnes 1920The fourth regular report, signed by Hubert Parris and directed to the “Movement towards a Christian International”, dated January 20, 1921, lists the participants present in Esnes at that moment.

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Posted by Chandru Raghavan on Jan 7, 2021

menu_vol_kishoreBhupendra Kishore, popularly known as Bhuppy, former Indian branch and Asian Secretary of SCI, a person with many facets, passed away in the evening of December 31, 2020, at his home in New Delhi.

Chandru Raghavan, former International Secretary of SCI, has written an obituary and compiled reactions from friends all around the world read more...

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Posted by Paolo Maddoni on Sep 12, 2020

pmaddoni_2020_esnes1I ended my trip to France by bike on 22 August 2020, in the afternoon, at a secluded high-speed railway station in the middle of the Meuse River department, some forty kilometres from Verdun. It was the first all-bike trip in my life, at the age of 58. Alone. No experience, then. Bad, to have too much luggage, too heavy on the bike and on my back. Bad, not to be familiar with mobile devices, internet maps, satellite orientation. Good instead to trust the paper maps. Good especially being able to talk that little bit of French useful to ask for information when I got lost, three times...

Good to find out that I have still have good legs. Good to have good luck with the weather, only a few drops of rain in eight days. Good to have a personal purpose for the trip, beyond just spending holidays. Very good to have reached it!

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