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Looking back

Origin of the text
Olivier Bertrand: Breaking down barriers 1945-1975, 30 years of voluntary service for peace with Service Civil International.
Paris (2008)

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Looking back

This document was primarily a collection of individual stories. They do not follow any other logic than the continuity of the life of the former volunteers. In some instances their pathways cross each other or are related to each other. The stories may be redundant but most of them include a few comments on a variety of themes and the authors draw some conclusions from their own individual experience.

For these reasons, it is worthwhile to undertake a cross reading of the stories to look at them in a more systematic way and to draw a few more general conclusions. In order to limit the length of this final chapter and to avoid repetitions, it will only include references to the contributors’ memories, so that the reader may need to refer back to some of the individual stories.

Following this approach, three themes are discussed in this chapter:


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