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Two different Peace Calendars 2004/2005 and 2006

by Heinz Gabathuler (Dec 17, 2017)

During more than two years, SCI had provided me with kitchen wall decoration, in addition to the usual SCI pocket diary issued by my own branch each year . The first one was edited by the International Secretariat. Sasha Laziuk, an LTV from Belarus who had been working there, signed the intro together with Finance Officer Nico Verzijden, and as far as I remember (but Mihai knows more precisely, I am sure!) the compilation of photos, texts and quotes from SCI’s history and day-to-day activities was mainly Sasha’s work.


Its originality lies in its periodicity, starting on Monday, November 1 (2004), and lasting until Sunday, October 30 (2005). Poor October 31, which apparently fell in-between the chairs! The reason for that is the fact that each calendar page covers one week, from Monday to Sunday. The weekly topics ranged from short biographies of SCI veterans to portrays of recent SCI workcamps, with some quotes from otherwise famous persons (Theodore Roosevelt, Jimi Hendrix...) in-between. It stayed the one and only Working for Peace Calendar issued by IS.

One year later, SCI Italy – or to be more precise: its Sicilian regional group – trumped the IS calendar with its own Intercultural peace calendar for 2006: Full of colour, professionally designed, printed on glossy paper. One double page is reserved for each month, and each and every holiday in most religions from Baha’i to Christian Science, from the Armenian Apostolic Church to Zen Buddhism is announced. All explanations are given in Italian and English languages simultaneously. Besides all the information on religious stuff, there are also photos from SCI workcamps in all parts of the world, quotes from recent SCI volunteers, and – once more – from famous persons such as Malcolm X, Frederick II from Prussia, Albert Einstein. And unlike the first one, this object apparently had its sponsors: The City of Palermo and the Regional Parliament of Sicily. I bought my own copy during the ICM 2005 in Switzerland, which I attended as a branch delegate, from IEC member Pietro Galluccio who had brought loads of them directly by car from Palermo.

And from the beginning of 2007, my kitchen wall decoration had to come from somewhere else, as it seems that also the Italian Peace Calendar stayed a one-off thing...

Heinz Gabathuler, International Archives Coordinator


In the SCI International Archives, the calendars are both stored in box 11119 and catalogued under 11119.01 (SCI Italy) and 11119.05 (SCI IS). Don’t ask me, though, why the older one has a higher number than the younger one.

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