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An image for a name -- Marcus Jucker

by Philipp Rodriguez (Aug 8, 2005)

Today I got a picture for archives, which gives me finally a link to a name, which I know already for a long time: Marcus Jucker.


Marcus Jucker

In SCI Switzerland this name stands for an SCI internal money fund, meant for branches and groups of SCI in Europe for small scale projects. As member of the national comittee of SCI Switzerland I have to deal with applications for this funds. Reading the project papers, discuss the budget and finally approve or disapprove the money of the Jucker-Mauderli fund. To be honest, it's not the most exciting thing you can do in SCI. But an interesting side efffect is, that it keeps the name of somebody alive, who bequethed his fortune to SCI Switzerland at the end of the 80s.

But Jucker was also committed SCI volunteer. Coming from Basel, he studied medicine. In 1946 he went to the war damaged Saarland (Germany), where he helped to set up a feeding programme for children. Later he was branch secretary for some years. This picture shows him in Siderno, which is in Calabria (Italy) around 1952. I didn't know, but obviously he was also there and helped to build the bridge between two villages. We have lots more of pictures of Siderno and the next time I have a look at them, I can recognize him, because I know him now.

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