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Milestones of SCI projects in the East-West context

1946 Sítina, Olesovice, Steknice (CSR)
1947 Lucimia / AFSC (Poland)
1947 Omladinska pruga Samac-Sarajevo (Yugoslavia)
1955 Warzawa (Poland)
1958 Kupino (USSR)
1966 Halle-West (GDR)
1966 Tata (Hungary)

The East-West commitment of SCI since 1946

The beginning of SCI Romania 1991-1994

by Philipp Rodriguez (Feb 1, 2009)

In 1991, the first SCI workcamp in Romania took place. In 1994, there were already twelve workcamps and a group of enthusiastic and motivated Romanian volunteers applied to get the group status within our movement. How was this impressive growth of SCI activities possible just after the end of the communist reign where voluntary work had still bad connotation?

Mihai Crisan, who later became European Development Worker at the International Secretariat and then International President of SCI, was closely involved in the development of this young SCI branch. Ten years after the very beginnings of SCI in Romania, Philipp Rodriguez from the SCI International Archives interviewed him.

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