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New book about Spanish Civil War with photos from SCI

by Philipp Rodriguez (Jun 2, 2012)

Antonio Belmonte, historian and long standing of SCI group in Madrid, published recently a book about the Spanish Civil War with photo from SCI Archives.


The books show 140 photos of the humanitarian action of the Ayuda Suiza, Swiss Help, for the victims of the Spanish Civil War 1937-1939. SCI and its volunteers has been in charge to carry out refugee transports and, organize food distrubtion. Their photos and documents are kept in the SCI Archives.

The histoirian and SCI volunteer Antonio Belmonte compiled  a selection of photos, while he was investigating files in Spain and Switzerland about this humanitarian action. He shows how volunteers, dedicated to international solidarity, helped to save the life of thousands of civilans.

Antonio Belmonte : Contra Fuego y Espanto (2012) front cover Antonio Belmonte : Contra Fuego y Espanto (2012) front cover


Book Reference

Antonio Belmonte: Contra Fuego y Espanto. La acción humanitaria que salvó miles de vidas en la Guerra Civil. Temporae, Madrid 2012 (ISBN 8493944033) 213 Pages, 140 Photos

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