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International Meetings

(2000 - )


GATEM, Poznan (Poland), March 2000
EWWG: Eco Messenger, Seminar, Ankaran (Slovenia), November 2000
SCI Seminar: Back to the roots, Kladno, Prague (Czech Republic), June 2001
SCI EVS: "The Argonauts of our time", Seminar, Khemisset (Morocco), June 2001
61st International Committee Meeting, Warrington (Great Britain) December 2001
SAVA: Study Tour Serbia, Kosova, Montenegro, Albania, September 2001
GATEM, Predeal (Romania), March 2002
North South Plattform Meeting, Helsinki (Finland) December 2002
62nd International Committee Meeting, Kiljava (Finland) December 2002
SCI Germany & New Group Belarus: Winter school, Berlin (Germany), December 2002

(2000 - 2002)


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