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The documents of SCI Archives are stored boxes and files. Every file has an archives number which refer to the box and the section (see archives structure).

The is indexed by terms in oder to offer access by topics, which is maintained by Peter Meining.

The files can only be consulted in Bibliothéque de la ville La Chaux-de-Fonds during the opening times.

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Via de VIA 

VIA Netherlands No.1-4 (1981)

1981 - 1992



Via de VIA 

VIA Netherlands, No.23-42

1993 - 1997



Via de VIA 

VIA Netherlands, No.43-65

1998 - 2003



Via de VIA 

VIA Netherlands, No.66-84

2004 - 2008



Via de VIA 

VIA Netherlands, No.85-



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