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Ralph and Idy Hegnauer, Interview by Annvi Gardberg in Affoltern am Albis (CH), German, 5 Tapes, 1992 [incl. German Transcription].
Content : #1 Relief Activities in Spain (1937-38), Marriage 1938, Life during 2nd World War, Ralph becomes SCI CH Secretary 1944, SCI CH's preparation for post war action, Acitivities in France 1945.
# 2 : Ralph in relief activities in Germany (Saarland) and Poland 1946, Idy as campleader in Yugoslavia 1946, Ralph and Idy working for AFSC in Gaza for Palestinian refugees 1949, Idy's childhood and life with Ralph
#3 Ralph's childhood, Beginning of SCI, Critics at SCI nowadays, Ralph as conscientious objector, Ralph work in India and Pakistan (1949-51), Idy in Israel, Palestina and Greece 1951
#4 Life of Idy, Idy in Gaza 1949, Idy's work for refugee children in Tunisia 1952, Ralph in Algeria 1962, Ralph's ethical motivation, SCI Archives
#5 Ralph und Idy get known each other (1937). Photo comments



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