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Title Type Author Year Language Filetype
Pierre Ceresole - The Founder of Service Civil International Article ? 1990(?) English PDF
International Civilian Service and Mutual Aid Leaflet Pierre Ceresole 1924 English PDF
Der Beginn einer Idee Article Philipp Rodriguez 2000 German PDF
Not working in silence Article Philipp Rodriguez 2000 English PDF
Knowledge transfer in SCI Working Paper Philipp Rodriguez 2004 English PDF
En Allemagne et aux Indes pour la paix Booklet Pierre Ceresole 1934 French / English /German PDF
Brief Account of SCI in Asia (1934 1976) Article Hiroatsu Sato 1987 English PDF
Das Archiv des Service Civil International (SCI) in La Chaux-de-Fonds Article Heinz Gabathuler 1999 German PDF
1920 - 1970 The first fifty years of Service Civil International Article Etienne Reclus 1990 English PDF
Hatibari long term project 1961-1966 Archives Documentation compiled by P.Rodriguez 1961-1966 English, German PDF (12MB)
The beginning of SCI Romania 1991-1994 Interview Philipp Rodriguez 2001 English PDF
Amitiés - Song of SCI Song unknown ? English, German, French PDF

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