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Title Type Author Year Language Filetype
International Voluntary Service 1932 Rhosllanerchrugog (Wales) Archives Documentation Philipp Rodriguez 2006 English PDF
Le Secours Suisse aux Enfants dans le Sud de la France 1939 à 1947 Archives Documentation Hélène Sylvie Perret 1995 French, German PDF
Pierre Ceresole - A lifetime serving Peace Exhibition brochure Philipp Rodriguez 2010 English, French PDF
International Voluntary Service 1932 Safien (Switzerland) Archives Documentation Steven Hogg 2006 German, English PDF
International Voluntary Service 1931 Brynmawr (Wales) Archives Documentation Philipp Rodriguez 2006 French, English, German PDF
Proposed policy on the involvement of computers in SCI placement (1989) SCI European Secretariat 1989 English PDF
First tele-communication by mail in SCI (1989) Berth Verstappen 1989 English PDF
Die Schweizerische Entwicklungshilfe in Ceylon/ Sri Lanka 1948-1975 Thesis Guido Koller 1992 German PDF
Zivildienst als Friedensdienst: Die Tätigkeiten des SCI für einen anerkannten Zivildienst Thesis Karin Jenni 2008 Deutsch PDF
Pierre Ceresole in Germany for Peace - The border crossing in 1918, 1933, 1942 and 1944 Archives Documentation Philipp Rodriguez 2010 French, English, German PDF
The first workcamp of Service Civil International Archives Documentation Philipp Rodriguez 2010 French, English, German PDF
Breaking Down Barriers - Memories of Volunteers with SCI Book Olivier Bertrand 2009 English, French PDF
International Constitution of SCI Documents SCI International 1949-1994 English PDF
Constitution of SCI Switzerland Documents SCI Switzerland 1931 / 1954 / 1975 German, French PDF
The motivation of SCI volunteers between 1920 and 1990: from pacifism to tourism Article Nina Santner 2001 French / Englisch PDF
The beginning of SCI Sri Lanka 1960-1963 Archives Documentation compiled by P.Rodriguez 2007 English PDF (17MB)
Study pack on SCI for workcamps Resource Pack Philipp Rodriguez 2003 English PDFs
Ein Besuch in Esnes - Verdun Article Theodor von Fellenberg: 1990 German PDF
SCI's historical background and development Article ? 1987 English PDF
The SCI way of volunteering Presentation Philipp Rodriguez 2006 English PDF (13MB)
SCI service in Safien 1932 Presentation Philipp Rodriguez 2006 English PDF (8MB)
Short review of SCI's historical development 1920 - 1990 Article SCI 1990 English PDF
Resolution on SCI International Archives Resolution SCI 2002 English PDF
Origin of SCI's East-West Activities with organisations in European Socialist Countries Article Ralph Hegnauer 1989 English PDF
Der SCI in Konfliktgebieten Drei Beispiele aus der Vergangenheit Article Philipp Rodriguez 2002 German PDF

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